Presentations & Workshops

Dr. Judy Le Page:

Presentation Topics

– Managing Stress in the Workplace
– Dealing with Difficult People
– Strategies for Improving Sleep
– Living and Working with Chronic Pain
– Depression in the Workplace: Identification & Management

– The Credibility of Chronic Pain in the Canadian Courts
– Plaintiff and Expert Credibility: What Do Judges Look for in Chronic Pain Claims?
– Workplace Management & Accommodation of Difficult Personalities

First Responders/Police
– Sleep & Shiftwork
– Stress Management in Law Enforcement Environments
– Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Police Populations
– Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Future Presentations



Dr. Tony Le Page:

Presentation Topics:
– Determining & Improving a Psychologically Healthy Workplace
– The Importance of Morale in the Workplace
– How to Handle “Difficult” People
– Effective Communication in the Workplace
– Developing Psychological Immunity in the Workplace
– Clinical Challenges of Treating Workers with Chronic Pain
– Pain, Disability, & Work